Sexual Energy

For me sexual connection is a spiritual need, a desire for two humans to connect intimately “into – mate – ly”.  A merging of souls whose energies rise up through the chakras to merge above the violet rays into the shimmering “ahhhh” of true union with a greater common energy.  This energy is that which is in all life seen or unseen, deeply felt when there is trust, vulnerability and excitement, being present completely in the undulating bouncing waves of each building connection.  As the world drops from consciousness, the potential of joy circles and explodes culminating in orgasm, the little death, which in the next breath brings us back to life reborn, revitalized and open to life. Laying in the arms of the beloved “be-loved” intertwined. Being human is a gift, a human being, being in the joy we all desire.

That is why I will not have random sex. I have evolved since the 60s and choose to honor this temple, my body, and be open to sharing it with my beloved when that moment arises!

No judgment for other’s choices, this is my choice.